Why do you need to choose the right keyword?

Because you can get a lot of traffic, if you understand how search bars and using the keywords works.

Good selection and use of keywords affects not only a position of organic search results but also a position and a price of paid Advertising – PPC.

If you want to get the most effective organic traffic through google or bing search engines, you must be among the first three positions of search results. In this article I reveal, how the right keywords will help your website to get at the top.

For example let’s say, you have a website about fitness where you teach people how to workout and sell some real products like supplements or gym-tools. You want to start selling a new info-product teching people how to train every muscle in a body. Now is important to choose a specific keyword and create a subpage named after the keyword and relevant content to this keyword.

3 important parameters to focus on when choosing a keyword:

  1. Amount of searches
  2. Competition
  3. Keyword must make a sense

So you are looking for a word connection, which has the greatest number of search, but the lowest competition. If you choose too general word like “fitness”, you will have low chance to beat your competition. But if you choose more specific word connection like “How to get bigger biceps” or “How to get bigger arms” or ”Biceps workout at gym”, you have pretty good chance to get at the top of the page search results. Competition is lower and monthly searches are good.

I recommend you to choose KW, which has at least 100 monthly searches and competition under 300.

This tool shows you all necessary informations and also whispers you new similar word connections which you can use also to get more traffic.


To find out this stats about keywords, I’m using the tool inside Wealthy Affiliate University. As a Premium member, you have an unlimited amount of searches. As a Free starter member, you have 30 searches.
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Or you can use Jaaxy tool. You have also 30 searches for free.  Click HERE to see the prices of memberships.

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Tip: Another good sign when choosing a keyword is an amount of paid adverts. If on the Internet exists someone, who is paying advertisement for the keyword you have chosen, it means, that he earns money from it. Otherwise, he would not pay for it. So you can earn there money too!

I believe, that you are going to be satisfied with this powerful tools and if you need a hand with something, just leave a comment bellow. I will gladly help you.


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One thought on “How to find keywords for a website”

  1. I was always kind of scared to use keywords with more than 100 or 150 competition, but this is why I get keywords with quite low monthly searches. Perhaps I should try to write some new posts with competition around 200 just like you said and see what happens.

    I almost don’t get organic traffic and probably this is where the mistake hides.


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