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In this article, I’m going to reveal all you have to know about Click Funnels from the user perspective and also from an affiliate marketer perspective.

So you can look forward to fin out:
What is Click Funnels?
Who is it good for and how does it work?

Is it worth promoting as an affiliate partner? (If you are an affiliate marketer you gonna love this part!)

So what is Click Funnels?

As you could see in the video above. Easily said ClickFunnels is a sophisticated tool for creating funnels with e-mail campaigns very easy way with just a few clicks – drag and drop + affiliate software – which you will use if you are product owner (info-product or real product). I Recommend watching also the tutorial below so you can see it in reality.

A funnel is something like a website application which allows you to up-sell, down-sell and cross-sell your customers. As in McDonald’s. If you buy a cheeseburger they will immediately ask you if you want something to drink. If you buy fries, they will ask you if you want a sauce. Similar is it with the funnels. In fact, this is a very powerful strategy because:

To who do you sell something most easily?

To someone who has just bought from you. Right? So that is the reason why funnels are so powerful. They just sell more products and earn more money from one visitor than a normal website. Funnel allows you to spend more money on advertising. You can promote a book which costs $9.99 and spend $9.99 on advertising. Because after this sale you send a customer to “thank you page” where you will offer him something else. For example, video-course for $49.99 and that is where you start earning. After that you can make another offer for example 1on1 coaching for $997 and earn even more.

In fact, the average conversion rate of people who have just bought something from you is around 30% – chance to buy another product! The average is not a norm, there are people who have 80% conversion rate.

The funnel begins with grabbing an email address. So your automatic e-mail campaign will start creating a more personal and stronger relationship with visitors and start selling other products. In the end, agin you will sell more products and earn more money.

Who is it good for?

This funnel strategy works perfectly for literally everyone who has something to offer – real products, services, info products, coaching and much more. Also, it’s very suitable for affiliate marketers promoting any ClickBank products and similar. (Learn the use of this tool for affiliate marketers in ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp HERE)

You can take the quiz of which strategy is right for you for Free HERE and get the Click Funnels templates right for your business.

Click Funnels quiz

See tutorial how to create high-converting sales funnel:

See? It’s that simple and so powerfull.

Does ClickFunnels worth promoting for affiliate marketers?

Well, that is a good question. This service is definitely valuable with a top quality solution but does it worth to promote it also financially?

The basic version costs $97/mo, the pro version costs $297/mo and there are 40% lifetime commissions. So in my perspective – get rounded $40/mo or $120/mo per just one active user is AWESOME. Just 20 sales can get you from $800 to $2 400 per month!

There is also The Dream Car Contest for affiliate partners. If you can promote this service to 100 people, ClickFunnels will pay $500/mo extra for your dream car and if you promote it 200 times you get $1000/mo extra for your dream car. Besides this, you are going to earn $4000-$12000/mo for recommending it to 100 people and $8000-$24000/mo for recommending it to 200 people lifetime.

For some people this money is an unbeleavble dream, for some people it is standard. I’m not going to judge. I’m just telling it is good enough for me to promote it and use it also.

You can sign up to dream car contest and promote ClickFunnels total for free HERE and get 40% commissions for each sale you make.

Inside Click Funnels Affiliates is much more products to promote for which you get also 40%. Around 17 masterclasses, courses, ebooks or coaching.

For example:

10x Secrets

10x Secrets

It’s powerful know-how about selling strategies that every online entrepreneur should have and know. To see the promotional 10x Secrets sells page with video and more info click HERE.

Another product is:

108 Proven Split Test Winners free book

108 Proven Split Test Winners free book

In this book, you can find know-how from their split testing. For example, they have changed one single word on a sales page and get a 260% increase in sales. You will find there a lot of similar cases and you can learn from them and boost your business. To get this book for FREE click HERE.

What is so awesome in promoting these products?


It means that if you sell one of their 17 products, your affiliate cookies stay in a customer’s computer so you get commissions for every product they will buy afterwards! And I can tell you that Russel will advertise these products as mad to them with FB retargeting or Instagram ads. So he will pay all the advertising for you!

So YES it definitely worth to promote ClickFunnels and their other amazing products as an affiliate partner. 🙂

If you decide to promote ClickFunnels after you sign up as an affiliate partner go straight to Affiliate Bootcamp and learn how to promote ClickFunnels for FREE.

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6 thoughts on “Click Funnels review – the best affiliate program in 2019?”

  1. in 2019 click funnels is one of the best affiliation program. click funnels It’s all in one tool that can help you create Lead capture funnels, sales funnels, membership sites, webinar funnel or a website. For their higher plan. … Some of the benefits of using Click funnels are that it allows you to develop product launch pages, sales funnels, e-commerce systems, and lead generation systems

  2. Hi Zdenek,

    I have read your article on click funnels review and i am amazed that how much money i can get by promoting this site. its very attractive and lots of affiliate marketer would love to work for this site. i am very much interested for click funnels and i am going to share this review with my friends. thank you so much for the profitable article.

  3. Hi! I have seen how effective McDonald’s is at selling additional stuff you didn’t have in mind to buy. You’re right; the easiest person to sell something to is to a person that has just bought from you.

    So, I also know click funnels are super effective. Thank you very much for this offer. I’ll give it a try and sign up as an affiliate partner. It’s free, I have nothing to lose.

  4. Hi,

    Thank you for sharing this great informational article .Here you have thorough discussion a variety of Click Funnels. I saw these videos.Your article is very motivational. It is very important article which will help my.I will definitely be back to your website for your helpful information. I will share this article with my friends.

  5. Click funnels is one of the best software that can be used in building landing pages. I have seen how it works and it is just click click and your landing page would be created.

    I have not yet promoted the product as an affiliate and I would definitely love to and I have actually heard that it converts well. They definitely know how to entice people to be more serious in promoting the product by running a contest in getting a car.

    That is a pretty good motivation that would make us strive to better reach our goal of getting that car. Is click funnels always a monthly subscription or can we pay yearly and also does it have a one-time payment offer?

    1. Thank you for your opinion and feedback. Click Funnels is just a membership site, you can’t pay it one time because it is like hosting. You must pay for it as long as you are using it. 
      But there are other one time offers inside like the books 10x secrets, 108 proven split test winners and others.

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