Greetings, we are two co-founders, Zdenek and James,
long-time friends who like to do what we enjoy. But we could not have done that before…

Own story

Like most of all people, after studying, we started to work and did a job that didn’t give us a long-term sense. We have made our living, but the idea of every month starting from scratch, working 9 to 5, with the vision of scant retirement often depressed us, as well as repaying the mortgage of our own housing. We wished a different way of life…

We were 25 years old and we desired for a change of the way we worked and the type of income we had. We only earned average money and we felt we didn’t have enough time for our family and friends, for self-education, hobbies … And also that we sometimes experience unnecessary stress for little money at work that does not fill our hearts neither wallets.

Our first business

After long preparations, we decided to start our own business in order to get higher and stable earnings. We set up an online store and than software company DreamIT with seven employees. We have secured the necessary capital in the form of a loan, we have gained a lot of valuable experience, but … We have been unable to organize our companies in the long run so  financial and ideally time freedom.

Two years later…

Within 2 years, both of our businesses have gradually collapsed and to survive economically, we had to return to work for the money. As a real estate agent and headhunter, we earned good money in a few months, and we were able to survive and repaying debts. However the highest toll, was a lot of sacrificed time and daily effort in order to gain success.

How we needed to change our approach and mind?

Time congestion has led us to realize that we must fundamentally change the type of work and the way we earn income, for which we make daily effort. We needed to change our thinking and approach, so we started looking for advice from successful world leaders. In the Cashflow Quadrant book by Robert Kiyosaki, we have discovered the economic principles of how labor and money work in capitalism.

We looked at ourselves, at the cash-flow quadrant, and thought about our past experience. The differences between Employees / Self Employed and the owner of the business / investor seems to be quite clear to us! We decided to take advantage of all the world’s successful persons and manage the transition to a new business world.

Dream lifestyle through Achievement of the REAL goals

We renewed our lost desire to do business and asked ourselves clear questions: “How does truly look the real goal of our business?” The answer was simple – long-term repeat income, office and income simply on the Internet. Such business is available globally and nonstop to us as well as to our partners and clients.

Another condition was to deal with the activities in the subject according to our interests and hobbies. We also understand that there is a need to keep learning from the world’s leaders in the industry and to be in touch with those who have already achieved our clearly defined goals and financial well-being.

Reality or Fiction?

After several attempts, we have come to the depression that we are utopian, and that if there were what we were looking for, everyone would be doing that. Luckily, when we scrambled through a lot of SCAM, poor projects and unsuccessful attempts, we began to discover principles that were repeated, meaningful and logical. After that, we enrolled and graduated from the Wealthy Affiliate University, whose co-founder and leader Kyle impressed us with his techniques and knowledge of building an internet empire.

In addition, we have gained the necessary educational system through an Internet system that has helped us to create a business in the spirit of imagination and achieve financial independence and significant time concessions.

Why we share our results and experiences?

The PC Employer community was founded to share publicly proven information and recommend the tools we used to create our re-revenue on the Internet. Today, we are still working for our assets and building new online businesses. What’s more – we found ourselves and the greater sense of why we do not leave our experience for ourselves alone.


We inspire you by where we succeeded and wehre not.


What we want for ourselves, we want for others. We build on fairness, durability and meaningfulness.


We create a community of equally-minded people to share our opinions with each other and support each other to achieve personal goals.


We are regularly rewarded for the recommendations of working solutions.


We see our activities contributing to improving our standard of living. More satisfied adult people make the whole society healthier.

“Do what you enjoy and take the money for it”

Thanks to our fervor, business strategy and great techno, we are working and earning money in the industries we enjoy. This is probably the greatest success. We are perfect in what we love, and thus we create quality values for our followers! After several months of systematic work, we began to collect rebates at the level of the original jobs. But with a smile on our face! We are time and financially independent of what we will do or do not in the next month … We are not yet millionaires, but we have found a way of life that makes us happy!

It’s only Up to you to believe yourself

You do not have to believe us everything, but do what makes sense, and make sure you do!

If you have the inspiration and feel ready to do something new, choose your own way of internet reception, set your goal, set the plan and reach it. The decision is right on you.

In hand or have questions, feel free to write me and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Leave a comment below.

All the best, Zdenek, James and PC Employer Community

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