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Hello, my name is Zdenek,

I’m just a normal human being, interested in topic – making money online, fascinated by the internet and possibilities of automation.
The main reason for the passion about the online business was always a traveling. I love to travel around the world, explore new countries, dive in a sea, so I need to earn money on the Internet to be truly free.


I was curious,

same as probably you are in making money online. I always believed, that on the internet must exist some way of having a passive income and enjoyable work. So, many years ago I started to search for the way how to do it. All I knew for sure was, that more than 2 billion people are connected to the internet and there must be a way of how to get rich from it. So I have been trying many different opportunities.

And to be honest, I lost my money many times. Two times, because I believed, that there exist software, which can do everything for me. For example, to beat a roulette or predict the future of forex exchange with binary options. Yes, I know I was foolish and naive, but at least I know what doesn’t work. But that didn’t stop me in searching for the right way to get rich. The way, which will bring me financial freedom and success.

Then after some time of looking for quick ways to get rich, I started looking for quality and stability of income. And BINGO! I found out, that on the Internet exists Affiliate system. The best tool invented for people like me. Who wants to build long term passive income.
Doesn’t matter, if you want to have your own product(s) or you just want to sell what is already created.

Both can be very perspective. I plan to create my own product focused on earning money online, but it’s going to take some time because I want it to be the highest quality. I just know, it’s going to make me perhaps billionaire. 🙂

At least I believe it. For now, I’m making money as an affiliate partner. I’m just using everything I have learned at Wealthy Affiliate University to promote products in the niche that I like – Earning money online and few others. I’m really happy about it because I’m living my dream life. I do what I would love to do. I can buy whatever I want to buy. I can go wherever I want to go and mainly I’m my own boss.

So I wish to all of you, that are reading this blog and want to be free to fulfill it as soon as possible. Good news is, that You have the power to influence the speed of it, by taking conscientious action. If you want to know where to star, read my article HERE.

Wish you good luck